Pimpernel Verwijnen


Pimpernel comes from Holland. Ever since she was a kid she loved horses. She got in contact with the Icelandic horse for the first time when she went to a pony camp in Holland when she was 12 years old. Ever since these horses got a special place in her heart.

Later she went to Ireland for a few months to learn more about how to train Icelandic horses. The big dream was of course to get to see the Icelandic horses in Iceland. To make a dream come true Pimpernel went to Iceland and got a work on a horse farm in Iceland.  She knew it immediately, at the very moment she landed on Icelandic ground, that this was her home!

Pimpernel is so enthusiastic about Iceland and the Icelandic horse that she managed to convince her Dutch husband and their three kids to leave Holland and move to Iceland.

Pimpernel loves to knit and is an expert in knitting Icelandic woollen sweaters.