Our horses in a comedy show – An Evening With Jono Duffy

Íslenski Hesturinn – The Icelandic Horse was a part of a stand up talk show called ‘An Evening With Jono Duffy‘. Hosted by the Australian comedian Jono Duffy who actually lives in Iceland. The special guest in this episode is the Icelandic comedian and artist Hugleikur Dagsson .

They both rode horses, Jono on Sindri and Dagsson on Fjölnir in this episode.

Begga Rist participated as well on her horse Ísak.

See the show here – enjoy – share and like –  if you like.

This is episode 3 of An Evening With Jono Duffy.

Jono Duffy and Hugleikur Dagsson are also known from the Podcast Icetralia.

‘An Evening With Jono Duffy’ is the first chat show in Icelandic history to be presented in english and hosted by an ex-pat.

Below you can see the whole episode: