Why us? – Statement of reliability

Why choosing our firm Íslenski Hesturinn – The Icelandic Horse?

We offer high quality riding tours with personal service and quality guidance. There are more staff per guest than at other places. There are always certified educated tour guides on all our tours (you don’t find that at other places) and being a horseback riding tour guide is their profession the whole year. We focus on human rights, freedom and independence, so all our employees get a proper salary for their job. We love our horses and enjoy to take good care of them.

Make sure that you travel with a company with certified educated tour guides and other staff which is paid at least contractual salaries (we pay above standard contracts). There are many volunteers and semi-volunteers out there in the travel business in Iceland, usually stopping for a short time with almost no payment (food and shelter). We believe all staff members should be treated well and be financially independent. So no (semi) volunteers working for short term and/or getting salaries below contractual salaries in Iceland (which is a known problem in the Icelandic travel industry).

We at Íslenski Hesturinn – The Icelandic Horse are proud of being a part of our society and paying our duties to the society. It’s hard for us to combat with firms which deliberately undercut the cost with volunteers and semi-volunteers which don’t get paid after Icelandic contracts and laws, so be sure the tour you book is with professional staff.

Our goal is to have positive influence for the community in Iceland, by for example paying proper salaries and treat our horses and staff well and of course to offer high standard tours with high standard staff, please help us to do that.

“We do what we love and love what we do”