The story of the pink horse lady

Few years ago we got an e-mail from a lady who wanted to join us for a riding tour with our company Íslenski Hesturinn – The Icelandic Horse few months later. She had a special request, as she wanted to ride a pink horse. The reason was that her grandmother had told her stories about how she loved to ride her own pink horse as a young girl in Iceland before she immigrated to Canada with her family. Her grandmother had immigrated to Canada in about 1910 (if I remember correctly), which was common back then. I told her that we had a pink horse which we might be able to match her up with if it would be possible as we usually don’t match people and horses by color codes. She would have to remind us about her visit few weeks in advance so we could be sure the horse would be ready for her on the day, which she did and we were able to bring Gaukur the pink horse to the stables.

On the day of the riding tour I picked her and her husband up at their hotel in Reykjavik. There were few others on the tour, but I manage to chat with the lady on the way to the stables and she started telling me about her family connections in Iceland. Her grandmother and siblings had immigrated with their parents to Canada, but the oldest sibling kept on living in Iceland. From then there hadn’t been much contact with the family in Iceland. She had tried to find a way to contact the family before the trip to Iceland without luck. She knew where they had lived before immigrating to Canada, which was at a farm called Esjuberg, which is close to mountain Esja close to Reykjavik. The lady told me she was going to take a taxi to Esjuberg right after the riding tour and see if she could find some relatives at the location. I had my doubts that she would be able to find someone there after all this time but I kept my doubts to myself.

When we were preparing for the riding tour at the stables, before we headed out for the horses, she told me more and showed me a family tree, with the name of the sibling left behind and the others which moved to Canada. Then we left for the riding tour, the lady got Gaukur the pink horse (see photo), which she was absolutely thrilled with. All the time while doing the riding tour I was trying to figure out if I could somehow help her to find her family, but it seemed like a really long shot. I remembered that one of our hey salesman lived near Esjuberg and he is one of those guys who knows just about everyone, so I thought, well let’s give it a try. After the riding tour I decided to call him, so I asked the lady if I could see the family tree again and told her that I was going to make this one phone call to see if it could help – it was a long shot, I knew. But anyhow, I called and asked my hay salesman if he knew anyone which was originally from Esjuberg. He promptly told me there was a woman he knew which he believed had a family which lived there long time ago. I asked if he knew her name and telephone number and just few moments later I had another phone number. Next phone call I asked the woman if she was originally from Esjuberg and if she knew the name of the one sibling from the family tree which didn’t leave Iceland. She said that it was her grandfather and that her family had been from Esjuberg. Then I told her that I had one of her relatives in front of me and asked if she would like to talk to her, and yes she wanted to do that. So a connection had been made, the pink horse lady rode Gaukur the pink horse and found her family in Iceland on the same day. She met the relatives later that day and had a dinner with even more people from the family in the evening and found a family and friends for live.

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Sveinn Atli