New Website

We at Íslenski Hesturinn – The Icelandic Horse are very excited as we have just launched our new website. We love the design made by the great team at Kosmos & Kaos.

At our first meeting with Gummi Sig and his coworkers we could immediately sense the professionalism in every aspect of their design work. It was a great pleasure to take a part in this project and to see how the head designer (Gummi Sig) knew exactly what he wanted to do. We are impressed, that at the same time, how he and his team managed to listen to our needs.

When we started in 2011 we started with a homemade website and this is the first time that we have renewed our old website and had professional designers to take care of the work. Therefore you can imagine that it is of course a great pleasure for us to see that the team at Kosmos & Kaos did a great work. Gummi Sig, Eydís, Kristján, Inga, David and all the others at Kosmos & Kaos it was a dream come true to having you designing the new website for us at Islenski Hesturinn – The Icelandic Horse!

(Gummi Sig and Kristján are on the picture on the right hand side).

Thanks Kosmos & Kaos

It’s our hope that the new website will be easy to use, as well as keep being modern for some years. There will probably be some changes and work going on in the next few weeks to finish some small details here and there, but the overall design is more or less finalized. We are also working on some of pages and posts (text and other practical things), which we will hopefully finish in near future.

Begga Rist and Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson