15. March 2020

Music video – Special-K and Adam

Adam (a wonderful horse which some of our guests have ridden over the years) made an appearance in a music video for the song Quest to Impress by Special K. Of course Adam was in one of the leading roles, hope…

11. December 2018

Nomination for Exemplary Company in Responsible Tourism 2018

Our company was nominated as an Exemplary Company in Responsible Tourism 2018

Begga Rist, owner and guide is both happy and proud. Here she is with Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland, who is the project’s patron.

28. November 2018

Begga the pioneer with visions

Íslenski Hesturinn – The Icelandic Horse, horse rental, is celebrating 8 years now. The first tour was done in February 2011, but preparations started around this time in 2010. From the start the vision of Begga has been to take tourism…

16. September 2018

Orsi’s plogging adventures

Our guide Orsi (Örlygur Steinn Sigurjónsson) has been very active in the plogging community in Iceland. He has plogged over 1 metric ton of rubbish on his plogging tours. He has mainly done this on kayaking trips,…

20. August 2018

Our horses in a comedy show – An Evening With Jono Duffy

Íslenski Hesturinn – The Icelandic Horse was a part of a stand up talk show called ‘An Evening With Jono Duffy’. Hosted by the Australian comedian Jono Duffy who actually lives in Iceland. The special guest in this episode…

28. March 2018

Iceland tourist industry shaken by a scandal

Stundin, an Icelandic newspaper has published an article about how many Icelandic horse rentals use volunteers and/or very cheap staff to work on their riding tours. In accordance with the article this is done by “hiring” foreign workers…

24. March 2018

Enjoy the 5 gaits of the Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic horse is a five gaited horse breed. What is a gait and why is this so special?

This means that they have more gaits than most horse breeds of the world. All the gaits in the Icelandic horse…

22. January 2018

Why us? – Statement of reliability

Why choosing our firm Íslenski Hesturinn – The Icelandic Horse?

We offer high quality riding tours with personal service and quality guidance. There are more staff per guest than at other places. There are always certified educated tour guides on all our tours (you…

12. January 2018

The story of the pink horse lady

Few years ago we got an e-mail from a lady who wanted to join us for a riding tour with our company Íslenski Hesturinn – The Icelandic Horse few months later. She had a special request, as she wanted…

05. December 2017

Horses of Iceland


Íslenski Hesturinn is a proud partner of Horses of Iceland, which is a group of stakeholders in the Icelandic horse community. The goal of the group is to develop a strategic marketing plan to increase the awareness, and strengthen the…