Begga’s riding intro

All our riding tours begin with Begga´s riding intro. Begga´s riding intro has garnered more and more international attention for being unique and interesting. This method created by Begga (the founder) makes the riding safer and more fun for both beginners and experienced riders.

Begga has much experience with how to ride the Icelandic horses and has been a guide on longer and shorter riding tours in Iceland for decades. This experience has Begga interwoven with the riding tours at Íslenski Hesturinn, which makes the riding more safe and more enjoyable for all riders. All riders should be able to ride the tölt if they take advice from Begga’s riding intro.

Quote from TripAdvisor:

“[Begga] manages to put about 15 riding lessons’ worth of knowledge into 15 minutes with ease and humor. As an experienced rider, I was so appreciative of her teaching and communication methods”